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An Entrepreneurial business, with extensive knowledge in the tutoring and au-pairing sphere. We provide the best quality service in all subjects and areas. We are here to count on and make life easy as 1 2 3...

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Be the early bird in preperation for exams, tests or any ordinary day at school. We offer tutoring services to ensure that your child never falls behind. Au-pairing services are there to make your life more comfotable, we appoint an au-pair that suits all your family needs, with your child's care as our number 1 priority!

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Widely used by home schoolers all over south Africa, home tutoring is a website whereby you can get a tutor for almost any subject who will come to your home. This is perfect for the home schooling environment. The process is you will need to fill in a quote request, and let us know where you are and what subject you would need a home tutor for. Then our home tutors will be in touch to proceed. When you compare home tutoring as opposed to going to a tutor, there are many advantages in choosing the home tutoring option. Not just the savings on petrol costs, but our tutors are often of a higher quality and standard of teaching. Compare a teacher who works from home for example verse a teacher who is constantly on the road. The travelling forms as a break and a time to refresh for the teacher, so by the time they get to you – they are refreshed and ready to go. Home tutoring is also a widely accepted form of tutoring in South Africa. With more and more parents opting to go the home schooling route, the concern for quality education needs to be mentioned. With home tutoring you are getting top quality teachers and you can rest assured the level of education is very high. To proceed and request a home tutor, fill in our quote request form which can be found on this website.

Home tutoring is quickly becoming a more accepted and soon to be standardised platform for tutoring throughout south Africa. With the state of our public schools, and your concerns as parents for your child, one cannot overlook the important of both the quality of your child’s education, plus the benefits of been able to supervise to a degree. When a tutor comes to your home, the whole education process is improved in many ways. Firstly, you benefit from a one on one tutoring experience, which goes without saying creates a great opportunity for your child to learn more. With home tutoring you know exactly who is teaching your child, and due to the nature of the location, often a tutor will perform at the best to achieve the best results possible, as all their focus is on your child. Some tutors come to the home for group classes as well, which still beats the public school options where the average is one teacher to thirty students. Get a quote today for a home tutor, just fill in the form and let us know what subject you would like to learn, or you can email us directly on info@hometutoring.co.za – we look forward to assisting you!

The love for your children is not demonstrated by buying them the best designer cloths, expensive toys, dolls and video game. Your love for them is nether demonstrated by buying then good food and all their immediate need, your love is best demonstrated by how best you prepare them for the future. Their education is the most important thing and one essential part of their lives, so the best thing is to ensure that you children are getting the best education. The basic classroom lessons are not enough for some students, identify their strengths and their weaknesses as a parent and make sure that they get assistance. Home Tutoring is there to give you the tutoring services in Pretoria that will prepare your children for their future. We have tutor for all subjects and our tutors comes to attend to your child’s need on a one to one bases in the comfort of your homes. Do not wait to get them tutors towards their exam time which have proved not to help a lot. Talk to us while there is time, so that tutors can have enough time to bring the best out of your child. Our rates are affordable and worth it. Links